Command Control

Questions about Lionel's Legacy Command Control System? Want to add DCS to your layout? Find the answers here.
In the May 2008 issue, Lionel's Legacy command system was tested extensively by our CTT staffers. Now you can read the review here.
By Bob Keller, Kent Johnson
Published: January 22, 2010
To accompany the Lionel Legacy review in the May 2008 issue, staff members Robert Keller and Kent Johnson filmed several how-to videos to demonstrate its features.
Published: January 22, 2010
MTH's original ProtoSound and ProtoSound 2.0 systems can create great anxiety when the systems backfire. The culprit is often a component that's hardly hi-tech. It's the battery. Read on more.
By Jim Riccioli
Published: January 22, 2010
In the July 2005 issue of Classic Toy Trains, Jamie Haislip wrote a story about adding MTH's Digital Command System to medium- and large-sized layouts. Here are some other tips and tricks he learned.
By Jamie Haislip
Published: January 22, 2010
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