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MTH O gauge E6 A-B-A diesel set

by Bob Keller   Published: October 17, 2014

Menards Plumbing Supply structure

by Bob Keller   Published: October 17, 2014

O gauge MP54 electric multiple unit set from MTH

by Bob Keller   Published: September 19, 2014

MTH RailKing 19th century freight cars

by Bob Keller   Published: September 19, 2014
by Bob Keller   Published: November 2, 2011
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Lucky youngsters from the 1920s to the 1960s were privileged to visit Lionel's showroom  in New York  More »

Lionel Factory Layouts

Lionel's Display Department produced exciting layouts every year to showcase the latest additions to  More »

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A whimsical layout loved by kids of all ages

When visitors scope out Jeff's extravaganza in a garage, they conclude that this is less a toy t  More »

This layout connects a family

Forrest Jerome's four daughters influenced the design of his 20 x 21-foot O gauge railroad.  More »

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Published: April 3, 2012
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