My Greatest Find

Everyone has a favorite story about their first toy train, their favorite locomotive, rolling stock, or accessory, or a toy train item discovered in an unlikely place. Read the articles below and share your experience for possible publication in this reader-driven section of CTT online.

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A Lionel Mint Car Coin collection pairs with a matching collection of souvenir US Mint coins.
Published: March 4, 2013
Postwar Lionel diesels changed the way he approaches model railroading.
Published: April 1, 2011
Guidelines for submitting your "greatest find" to us.
Published: August 20, 2010
A little Lionel engine with a lot of heart and loads of memories
Published: April 26, 2010
One Flyer locomotive teaches him lessons about another
Published: February 8, 2010
The box for one of Lionel's best postwar locomotives
Published: January 5, 2010
An unexpected discovery of one of Lionel's finest postwar outfits.
Published: December 2, 2009
Discovering a Lionel treasure far, very far, from home
Published: November 2, 2009
This American Flyer Silver Comet survived a tornado.
Published: October 8, 2009
A Marx prewar train sets the direction for a lifetime on the railroad.
Published: August 17, 2009
A Lionel no. 2065 small Hudson creates a lifetime of great memories
Published: July 1, 2009
Nothing beats a Lionel no. 2343 Santa Fe F3 diesel
Published: June 11, 2009
A Lionel no. 1501S 0-27 set is a family legacy
Published: May 22, 2009
The great Lionel no. 846W outfit from 1941 was just part of the offer
Published: April 27, 2009
What's the value of a much-loved Lionel train outfit?
Published: April 1, 2009
A unique tender for a Lionel no. 1587 Girl's Train
Published: March 15, 2009
A postwar Lionel train outfit unlocks memories
Published: March 8, 2009
Lionel's no. 65 air whistle arrived in 1935
Published: March 6, 2009
Vintage toy train magazines offer insight
Published: March 1, 2009
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