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Reader Videos

Welcome to the reader video section of Classic Toy Trains. If you have a great video to share of your latest project, we'd like to feature it on our website!

Never posted a video before?
We suggest you first go to™ and sign up for its free web-video hosting service. Follow the instructions on YouTube™ for posting your video.

After your video is uploaded, cut and paste the web address from the top of your browser (the URL) into the form below. We will post a screenshot of your video and include it in our website's reader video section.

Video content policy guidlines

  • The reader video section of our website is strictly a linking tool and a place where people can share and find videos of Classic Toy Trains activities from different readers in one easy-to-find location.
  • Videos containing inappropriate content are not permitted and Classic Toy Trains reserves the right to pull any video link off of the website at any time.
  • We ask that you keep your videos to a reasonable length. We suggest a maximum length of five minutes.
  • Please respect others' work and all copyright laws.
  • Classic Toy Trains may decide to share your video on its Facebook page.
  • We hope everyone uses this site to have fun and share his or her great Classic Toy Trains experiences with others.

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