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CTT Submission guidelines


Thanks for your interest in writing for CLASSIC TOY TRAINS. We publish articles on all aspects of S, O, and Standard gauge toy trains. A look through one or two back issues of CLASSIC TOY TRAINS is the best way to get an idea of the kinds of material we're interested in.

Letter of Inquiry

Before you submit an article, we recommend that you write to let us know exactly what you have in mind. We then can tell you if your proposed article fits our needs or if we'd like a different approach than what you have in mind.

What Will Interest Us

In general, we're always looking for articles describing:

  • wiring or scenery techniques

  • various historical toy trains or accessories

  • current and interesting layouts

  • how to kitbash a structure or repair a locomotive, car, or accessory

  • the history and collectibility of certain manufacturers' products or a rare piece

  • If you have an idea on a subject you haven't seen us cover, write and ask. We're always interested in new ideas.

    The following are some technical matters about your submission:


    Present your subject simply and directly. Try to keep in mind the main point: what's new, different, or exciting about this subject, not only to yourself, but to other readers? Then, think about how you would discuss the main point more fully, as if you were trying to explain the point to a friend. Every article should have a brief introduction, followed by the body of the article, and a conclusion. Keep the article as brief as you can while still covering the subject; limit your topic to a manageable size. Our payment is based on the length of the published article, not the length of the submitted article, so there's no advantage to writing long.

    However, with how-to articles, feel free to explain each step in as much detail as necessary. If you have doubts about including some how-to detail, leave it in; too much information is rarely a problem. Also, with how-to articles, include a separate list of materials used to repair or make the item. Organize the list by manufacturer, along with corresponding product numbers and names. With everything related to a how-to article, be specific. Something may seem obvious to you, but our readers may not know some of the basics. Please help them by including as much detail as possible.

    Submitting Your Manuscript

    You may choose to submit articles by mail or electronically. Via mail, send everything for one article in one package with cardboard stiffeners to protect photos and drawings. You may submit your article on a CD or DVD, formatted for either a Macintosh or IBM-compatible. Although we prefer submissions formatted in Microsoft Word, we will accept any article formatted as "text only" file. Always include a printout as well as the disk in the mailing. Also, include a cover letter with your name, address, and daytime phone number. Address your package "To the Editor, CLASSIC TOY TRAINS" and also mark it in the lower left corner "Manuscript Enclosed." We'll send you a card acknowledging receipt of the article and will review your manuscript within 60 to 90 days. We'll return articles we can't use if you include return postage. We won't consider articles that are submitted simultaneously to other toy train publications.

    You may also submit your article electronically via e-mail by sending the manuscript to


    We pay upon acceptance at the rate of $75 per page based on an estimate of length. If the article runs longer than we estimated, we'll make up the difference at the standard rate after publication. We usually keep everything that's used for the article.



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